Spring Break in Southern California

After arriving in San Diego around 10:30 am, my Tuesday afternoon was spent exploring the city on wheels and enjoying some of the best pizza I have ever had, while on lovely Coronado Island. Our location gave us a great opportunity to take a picture of San Diego’s skyline behind some palm trees.

Photo: Stay classy San Diego ♻



As you can see, the beach was stunning.


I went on this trip with my best friend, whose grandmother was kind enough to let us stay with her at her condo, only a short walking distance from the beach. So naturally, the next day was a lazy day at the beach spent under the sun. It wasn’t wasted however, due to watching the surfers. Let me tell you, they are a wonderful sight! Walking out onto the pier, Hannah took some candid shots of me against the shoreline. The weather was just fantastic, but the water is always cold so don’t be fooled!


Photo: Your classic pic with a great view (no, not me)

The next two days were filled with adventure. As Hannah and I traveled to the top of a mountain in Dana Point, we got out of the car once we had reached the top to get a picture of an amazing view of the Pacific. To our misfortune, a troubling engine noise arose from the engine of the car followed by smoke and a leaking green liquid. Great. We laughed until we cried. The irony of the situation, because as we were driving up we joked about the car breaking down.



carbreakingdownAfter numerous calls, and a frightening hobo encounter, AAA came to pick us up. Followed by being ripped off $18 for the drive to the auto shop. Never say you are from out of town if you want to keep your money, because people will take advantage of you.

Once the car was repaired, we traveled down to La Jolla to go kayaking. Such a fun experience, and a great workout! It certainly is thrilling to see all the sea life and cliffs with corresponding caves. Didn’t expect to get soaked, so definitely wear a swimsuit if you go.

We also got the opportunity to take out a Jet Ski on the water, made the acquaintance of some seals. Cute or scary? I can’t decide.

Photo: Got acquainted with some seals today, they are a fun crowd

This random rock formation off the coast was covered with about 40 seals, and a flock of birds. I love how the water is spraying up against the rocks in this.

On our last day, we visited a zoo, a branch of the San Diego Zoo. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, but took a little bus tour. It was eighty-eight degrees and felt like Texas that day. Not my favorite weather, but the zoo was a good time.


Overall thoughts about California? Very enjoyable to visit, but I wouldn’t live in SoCal. Not my scene. But I hear the north is different, and I think that might be more my liking living wise. Would love to visit Berkeley and San Fran. I’m really glad I got to spend my break in San Diego. The trip was filled with some unexpected twists, but it just added to the excitement! What a week, I will never forget it, that’s for sure!


One thought on “Spring Break in Southern California

  1. I totally agree with you! It is a beautiful area, but I couldn’t live there… I was born in LA, but I could never live there. You should check out Central Coast! And the Bay Area is great too :). SLO is my favorite city in the state though!

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